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CEO’s 11th book available for pre-order

Thomas Koulopoulos’ 11th book Revealing the Invisible: How Our Hidden Behaviors are Becoming the Most Valuable Commodity of the 21st Century, will be available June 5th, 2018.

Delphi Group

CEO travels to Dubai

Thomas Koulopoulos, CEO of Delphi Group, recently travelled to Dubai to participate in the 2017 World Government Summit by speaking on Gen Z.

Generation Z

Managing Gen Z

An on site workshop which will help you understand the best practices, strategies, cultural initiatives, skills and tools needed to manage millennials and Gen Z.


Creating or crushing a culture of innovation

If you’re an entrepreneur then innovation is what you do. It’s who you are. It’s why your business exists.

The Future

The future of robotics

Boston Dynamics just released another video of Atlas in which it navigates elevated objects put in its way.

The Future

The Loyal Brand eBook

From our digital footprints on the web, to our mobile devices, to webcams, to our cars, our behaviors are suddenly naked and fully exposed in ways we have barely begun to realize.

Consulting services

Our targeted research, ongoing thought leadership, intense exposure to new technologies through the Delphi Institute,  along with our objectivity and over 25 years of experience, result in extraordinarily effective, high quality, high velocity consulting services. Most importantly, our consulting engagements focus on the Knowledge Transfer needed to make sure you are increasingly more self-sufficient, with a solid foundation for your future.

Areas of expertise


Delphi has access to dozens of world-class speakers who can enlighten, energize, entertain, and challenge your audience. Our Founder Tom Koulopoulos has been on the speaking circuit for 25 years bringing his unique brand of education and entertainment to hundreds of thousands worldwide.


Our one-on-one coaching is delivered by experienced principles who have run multiple businesses, advised and mentored senior level executives, written numerous books, and are sought after as speakers globally.


Delphi’s events, conferences, seminars, and online learning have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals understand and apply the latest technologies and business trends to their organization.


Our advisory services provide deep experience across all industries. We focus on driving digital transformation, innovation, and the strategic use of technology in the creation of business value.


Our original research points out key trends in the marketplace, technologies, and the economy. We have predicted major shifts such as the advent of open source, app markets, social media, web search, and the cloud well before they became mainstream phenomenon. Our economic research in 2003-2005 even foresaw the recession of 2008 and subsequent research projected the trajectory of the recovery.


We are obsessed not only with just seeing what’s around the next bend in the road, but also in understanding how it will impact your business and the behavior of your employees, customers, and partners.


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Digital Ecosystems Whitepaper

In a world where everything is connected, everything matters. Today’s connections mean ever expanding, richer networks are emerging. They’re called Digital Business Ecosystems, and they represent a radical shift in the most fundamental aspects of creating new value. Delphi Group and Arrayworks have come together to provide this comprehensive whitepaper on Digital Business Ecosystems.

The Loyal Brand eBook

From our digital footprints on the web, to our mobile devices, to webcams, to our cars, our behaviors are suddenly naked and fully exposed in ways we have barely begun to realize. Is it all part of a dystopian future, or is there a way to look at how we can benefit from this new era of transparency?

Industry Trends

The Post-Gen Workforce

While every new generation has faced its share of disruption in technology, economics, politics and society, no other generation in the history of mankind has had the ability to make sure that every human being (and every “thing” ) on the planet is connected to each other, fully educated, and economically engaged. What might this mean for the way in which we build our business, markets, and institutions for education in the future?


Companies are radically changing their approach to innovation by learning how to fail fast, embrace uncertainty, build for the unknown, abandon the success of the past, focus on their core competencies, and challenge conventional wisdom. Working with dozens of companies that have made the transformation to an innovation culture and we can provide you with a prescription for change in how you approach innovation, in a way that is straight forward, comprehensive, and, above all else, incredibly practical. We’ll show you the ways in which you  can drive your own organization’s efforts to increase innovation and better leverage its latent creativity.

The Cloud

The Cloud is the hottest topic since the advent of the Internet. And nobody can speak to it with more insight than Delphi. It’s why HP, Microsoft, Gartner, Intel, Cisco and many others have asked Delphi to work with their organization. In its simplest terms The Cloud is the new context for innovating business. However, the Cloud is NOT just about technology. In fact technology is only a small part of The Cloud. Just as important is the way The Cloud changes the way we collaborate, work, how we are influenced and how we influence, and how we experience the world.