Our History

A 30-Year Track Record Of Thought Leadership

Thought leadership

Delphi Group was co-founded in 1989 by Thomas Koulopoulos and Carl Frappaolo. The Boston-based think tank and advisory firm built itself into an Inc. 500 company with nearly 20,000 clients and offices in six countries.

From the outset Delphi’s mission was to deliver leading edge thought leadership to organizations that were implementing technology and business systems intended to help them accelerate innovation and develop unique customer experiences.

In over 25 years Delphi has worked with more than 80,000 professionals in both the private and public sector. From some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies and Federal Government agencies to mid market companies and state and local government, to non-profits and NGOs, our insights and services cut across all industries and disciplines.

Core competency

Our core competency is simplifying leading edge technologies and applying them to real world business and organizational problems. We ramp up quickly, make the best use of your time and budget, and we deliver value through a deep understanding of both business and technology.


  • 1989 – Text Retrieval Systems (precursors to Google and Yahoo)
  • 1990 – Digital Imaging
  • 1994 – Content Management
  • 1995 – Workflow
  • 1996 – Business Process Management
  • 1996 – Reengineering
  • 1997 – Knowledge Management
  • 1998 – Internet
  • 1999 – Dot Coms
  • 2000 – OnLine Exchanges
  • 2001 – Social Media
  • 2004 – Innovation Management
  • 2006 – Sourcing
  • 2009 – Cloud
  • 2013 – Digital Transformation