Innovation Master Class

The most comprehensive course available on developing an enterprise innovation practice

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Increase your innovative capacity.

An On-demand workshop using web-based video that will teach you the methods and tools for creating world class innovation skills. This session will build your competency and capability in innovation, with a proven set of tools and individualized analysis that has been deployed in many of the world’s largest organizations. The class focuses on what is fast becoming one of the core competencies for survival in the global economy. As globalization reshapes the competitive landscape, individuals and organizations are realizing that growing their innovative capacity is the only way to build leadership and sustain it.

Take the exam to become a Delphi Group certified Master of Innovation Management.

What you’ll learn

  • Best Practices in Innovation
  • How to measure Innovation
  • How to leverage technology to manage Innovation
  • How to create rewards and behaviors that will encourage a culture of Innovation
  • How to determine your organization’s propensity for Innovation
  • The core skills needed to become a master at Innovation
  • Learn how other organizations are leveraging their innovative capabilities
  • The components of Innovation
  • Innovation across all industries – from Health Care to High Tech
  • The pitfalls and correct ways to incentivize Innovation
  • The seven lessons of Innovation from the world’s best innovators
  • Why brainstorming is not enough
  • Metrics and business drivers
  • How to assess your organization’s Innovation capability
  • Best practices in Innovation management
  • How to build an Innovation process
  • The role of leadership in Innovation
  • How to build Innovation as a organizational competency
  • Proven tools to help you analyze and refine new options and to turn interesting possibilities into useful solutions
  • How to increase your ability to create fresh new possibilities and put them to work immediately in your own personal life and your business, profession, or organization
  • Most of all, you will have an inordinate amount of fun participating in all of this. I promise you that!

Become a Delphi Group certified master.

You can’t get an MBA in Innovation Management, yet it is a skill that will be increasingly necessary in the future. At the Innovation Master Class you can become a Delphi Group certified Master of Innovation Management to demonstrate your capability and vision as an innovator.

The exam is an intensive multipart written or on-line examination that takes approximately three hours. The material in the examination is covered during the Innovation Master Class but also relies on your ability to express good process judgment and skill in the basic concepts and fundamental of process analysis and design.

After you complete each phase of the certification (and your examination has been graded) you will receive a hardcopy certificate of completion and will be listed as a Master of Innovation Management in our registry.

Personal Certification


A personal certification for individuals looking to grow a culture of innovation inside of their own company or enhance their resume/CV

Consultant Certification


For professionals who provide consulting services outside of their own company looking to demonstrate their capability and vision as an innovation consultant.

Enterprise Certification

On Request

For enterprises that are looking to certify a number of people within their organization.


An Innovation Tour de Force.

The Innovation Workshop drove home how much I need to know to leverage innovation.

Innovation can be taught - now I know how!

Learning from the best is the best way to learn innovation.

I never understood how much process there was to building an innovation capability.

Innovation is not just about R&D, it's about the business!