Adam Hartung

An expert on practical disruption

Adam Hartung’s 20 plus years of experience developing and implementing successful business strategies to take advantage of emerging markets has made him a worldwide leading speaker on business growth. As a Fellow of National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and as the No. 1 Leadership columnist for since 2009, Adam has been featured in publications such as Rolling Stone Magazine, The Week and BBC Television for his bold market predictions that have all come true. Through a rich collection of case studies and stories, Adam can show your organization how to develop new businesses, create new products and seize hidden marketplace opportunities.

Speaking and consulting topics

How to innovate for new growth

Companies today struggle to maintain dominant positions in markets that are changing faster than ever. What is the right response when doing the same thing – just faster and leaner than before – doesn’t achieve goals or create growth? When focusing on your core threatens to make your business irrelevant, and the marketplace is changing so fast predicting its twists and turns seems impossible, your organization needs guidance — and fast.

As a sought-after public speaker, Adam shows audiences how to create “white space” in their organizations, develop new business, create new products and seize previously hidden marketplace opportunities. Through a rich collection of case studies and stories, Adam keeps his presentation relevant and focused on your industry, business and marketplace. He reveals four steps to innovation that have been proven successful over and over in a wide variety of industries. Your leadership team and employees will understand what it takes to turn your organization in a new direction and seize new opportunities in a turbulent market through innovation creating growth.

Target Audience

  • Executives and Boards of Directors across industries
  • Leaders and aspiring leaders in business and government
  • Managers seeking superior performance and results
  • Those seeking deeper international understanding (Europe, Asia, Africa, South America)


Some companies can’t change in response to market disruptions. Those companies die. Other companies do respond…eventually. They survive, but they see their profits squeezed, their growth flattened. Then,there are the long-term winners: companies that create their own disruptions and thrive on change. In Create Marketplace Disruption, Adam Hartung shows how to become one of those rare companies, creating lasting growth and profits. This book reveals why so many companies behave in ways that are utterly incompatible with long-term success…and why even “good to great” companies are struggling for air. You’ll discover how to reposition your organization away from the Flats and Swamps of traditional Defend and Extend Management and back into the Rapids of accelerated growth. Hartung demonstrates how to attack competitors’ Lock-ins, make their Success Formulas obsolete, and create the White Space needed to invent your own new formulas for success.