Jen shares examples from her nearly 25 years of experience as a workforce specialist and executive coach, bringing relevant and practical examples to life. She is as comfortable speaking at large venues as she is with intimate groups for a corporate retreat. She provides insight into human dynamics in a humorous and engaging way. Her specialty topic of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is presented from a leadership perspective filled with practical strategies and immediately usable tips.


Someone with high Emotional Intelligence demonstrates a sensibility – he or she can manage their own emotional impulses, can communicate with others effectively, can manage change well, problem solves, uses humor to build rapport, has empathy, and remains optimistic even in the face of adversity. Studies show a direct correlation between high Emotional Intelligence and job success for all roles.
Progressive organizations are including Emotional Intelligence within their talent management strategy – from interviewing and selection to retention and leadership development. This presentation provides details on EI’s correlation to leadership effectiveness and business results. Participants will receive definitions of the skills associated with Emotional Intelligence; learn how to diagnose performance issues related to low Emotional Intelligence; and learn techniques to develop Emotional Intelligence in themselves and others.
Target Audience
  • Professionals Across All Industries Interested in Personal and Team Growth
  • Human Resources and Talent Management Professionals
  • Executives and Leaders Responsible For Organizational Culture


This session dives into the landscape of the labor market today and the proven techniques being used by industry leaders for successful talent acquisition. Participants will receive a simple, yet powerful tool for quickly identifying the Emotional Intelligence skills most important for each job, along with the technique for revealing truthful information about the candidate’s experience.
Right retention” continues to be a major challenge for most employers and with the cost of turnover today, it’s time to take a good hard look at hiring practices. The stakes are high as hiring managers are confronted with the challenge of interviewing candidates that are savvier than ever. Applicants have educated themselves on the insider tips for winning the interviewing game.
Target Audience
  • Professionals Responsible for Talent Acquisition and Retention


Exceptional performance is the perfect alignment of skills, rewards, feedback, management style, measurement and culture. Keeping employees engaged today requires staying in-tune with what is most important to them, finding ways to creatively match performance measures with their motivation factors. This session is designed to help leaders learn about staff performance drivers and easy to apply techniques for engaging, motivating, and developing their employees.
Recent studies show the engagement levers that leaders must be aware of and actively pursue to attract and retain top talent. This session gives audience members practical strategies to build into their leadership practices.
Target Audience
  • Managers, Executives, and Leaders who Need to Motivate and Develop their Organization’s Talent.